Why Choose Cake Love? Cake Love products are handmade and decorated to a high standard. They are delivered to Metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria by Courier. The designs are bespoke and personally designed by Sarah or in collaboration with the client. We aim to offer a personal service to achieve you dream creation. Cake Love by Sarah Helena also offer the choice of purchasing supplies and decorations to make their own creations at home.

How much notice should I give when ordering? Cake Love's lead time is approximately 4 weeks this can vary depending on how busy we are. We will advise you of this when you contact to place an order. Tiered wedding Cakes require at least 8-12 weeks notice. We will consider last minute orders (Wedding cakes not included) depending on our demand at the time. We try to accommodate all clients if we can.

How do I place an order? Some clients have a clear idea of what they want and number of serves. Others have ideas, however they require consultation to help with refining their creation. Either way please email cakelovebysh@gmail.com please specify the following:

  • Occasion and date
  • theme or design (if you have one) if not this can be discussed
  • How many serves (Please refer to Size and price guide)
  • Your approximate budget

Please leave your best contact number and Cake Love will call and quote your request. If you would like to go ahead this can be booked directly over the phone or by email. If you wish to reserve a date a 50% deposit is required.

How do I pay for my order? When you are quoted and you would like to go ahead an invoice will be emailed to you with the bank account and BSB number provided. When the invoice is fully paid you will receive an invoice with a paid stamp on it for your records that you can print or file on you PC or mobile device. 

Why should I discuss my budget? Decorated cakes vary greatly in size, complexity of design and materials used. It is very helpful to understand how much you want to spend so we can modify your design to suit your budget. For example if your design is highly complex, large or requires certain materials we may not be able to create the order if we are unaware of the budget. If we are aware of the budget we can tailor your design to fit your budget to achieve the best possible result.

Do Cake Love Deliver? Yes Cake Love deliver to Metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria via courier. Please see prices list for delivery fees. Wedding Cakes that require assembly at the reception venue within Metropolitan Melbourne have an added charge of $100.00. Wedding Cakes that require assembly at venues outside of Metropolitan Melbourne will be considered based on time and distance. This will be quoted to the client. 

Do I have to choose a cake from the gallery? No. The gallery are just examples of the cakes that we have made and the varied styles we can provide. You can email a picture that we can use inspiration from or have your own personal ideas that can be discussed. If you do like pictures from the gallery they can be re created for you.

Does Cake Love provide Face to Face consults? At this stage we do not offer face to face consultations, however we are happy to use email, phone and pictures as much as you require to achieve your design. 

How do I store my cake?  All our cakes are covered with rolled fondant and should not be stored in the fridge, as this causes condensation and colors will run. A cool dry room is best. When the cake is cut, it can be refrigerated for up to one week covered in cling wrap. Since all our cakes are baked fresh for your event and not pre-frozen, you will be able to freeze any left-overs for up to 2 months. Cut your cake into individual portions, then double wrap in cling film and foil.

Can I keep my Sugar flowers and Figurines?  Yes of course and most do however they should not be refrigerated or frozen. They can be stored wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a small cardboard box with a few sachets of silica crystals. They will keep indefinitely, if kept away from moisture, heat and sunlight. If your figurines comes with a spike or pick, these can be cut off or pushed into a styrofoam block before storage. Some fading may occur over time.

Can I buy sugar flowers, figurines or edible images only? Yes! We are more than happy to accommodate these orders. Prices are listed on this website. In your email please specify the type / number of flowers size small medium or large and color scheme. Any other figurines or modelling please describe in the email or provide a graphic for inspiration. Alternatively this can be discussed on the phone. Any graphic can be printed for edible imagery even photos! Please email the graphic you want on your image from your PC to get the best resolution. Images are available in A4 A3 Round 4, 5, 6, 7 inch round or square and one dozen round cupcake sheets.  Menus

Kids Cakes: Cake Love birthday cakes, cupcakes, cookies, macarons and muffins are also available at some metropolitan Melbourne play centers. If you are booking a party with your local play center, Cake Love menus are available. The play center will make contact with Cake Love directly and arrange your cake for you and have it delivered and served on the day of your party. Payment can be made directly through the play center.