Flavours and Shapes


Butter - A light buttery flavour that will complement any ganache.
Caramel - For the sweet tooth, a dense almost mud texture, with intense caramel flavour that pairs delightfully with a dark chocolate ganache. 
Chocolate-Traditional rich chocolate cake with subtle hints of dark chocolate.
Chocolate Mud- Rich and dense Mississippi Mud cake with a strong chocolate flavour.
Lemon - A light vanilla base, lemon zest and juice to create a fragrant citrus treat.
Mocha - A chocolate base with espresso added to give a subtle hint of coffee flavour. Pairs well chocolate ganache.
Red Velvet - Gorgeous rich red velvet cake with hints of chocolate and cherry.
Sponge - Traditional vanilla or chocolate sponge torted with fresh cream and mascarpone. Berries or passionfruit can be added to the cream if requested.
Traditional Fruit - Traditional fruit cake using a medley of dried fruits, peels and macerated in brandy overnight. Covered in Marzipan and fondant.
Vanilla - A traditional plain cake with a pleasant vanilla flavour and pairs well with any ganache.
White Choc Mud - A sweet rich dense cake with white chocolate chunks melted into the batter. Pairs well with dark chocolate ganache to balance the sweetness.


Cream - Plain whipped cream sweeten
Dark Chocolate - Sweet and decadent with hints of bitter dark chocolate flavour.
Lemon Zest- White truffle ganache with lemon zest and essence.
Solite (Dairy Free) - Solite is a dairy free sweet alternative to cream with a vegetable shortening base. It is suitable of vegans for vegetarians.

Topin Pride - This another dairy free soy based product used for filling or frosting.
White Truffle  - White chocolate and cream pairs well with strong chocolate flavoured cakes and berries.



Round, square, hexagon and heart. Different shapes for tiered cakes can be made. Cakes modelled and carved to design will be quoted closest to the number of serves required.
All base pricing includes cake, ganache, fondant covering, fondant board and ribbon. Basic decoration is included. Complex decoration such as edible lace, figure modelling, edible imagery and floral sprays are an additional cost and will be quoted based on the design. The prices below are based on round tiers. Square tiers are slightly larger and are $10 extra per tier. Hexagons and hearts are the same price as round tiers.